7 Methods to Use Free Electrons to Heal

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The numerous methods to harness the facility of free electrons to dramatically and quickly scale back “silent” or painful systemic bodily irritation.

free electrons reducing inflammation before and after thermography photos

Irritation is arguably one of the if not the commonest causes for the epidemic of persistent illness in the present day.

Therefore, protecting physique tissues freed from irritation is of paramount significance and a key cause for pursuing a wholesome life-style and conventional weight-reduction plan within the first place.

The difficulty is, until an individual is keenly in tune with the physique, an under-the-radar situation with irritation isn’t seen till a well being disaster emerges.

Maybe the best means to make sure that irritation is saved to a minimal is by recurrently harnessing free electrons which brief circuits irritation wherever it could be current within the physique.

There are a variety of how to make use of the facility of free electrons to cut back irritation, which I’m going over under.

However first, let’s discuss why these free electrons are wanted within the first place.

Why The Physique Wants Free Electrons

The essential science behind the necessity totally free electrons is that the earth’s floor accommodates a adverse cost. That is in distinction to our our bodies, which are inclined to accumulate an extra of optimistic prices.

Having an excessive amount of optimistic cost in our our bodies can set off disrupted mobile operate resulting in elevated oxidative stress from extreme free radicals, aka a cascade of inflammatory response.

Harnessing free electrons permits the physique to pair these extra optimistic prices with a corresponding adverse cost and instantaneously negate the inflammatory results.

It occurs so quick that scientists can’t even measure it!

Neutralizing Extra Optimistic Prices

The best and quickest option to neutralize an extra of optimistic cost within the physique is by strolling barefoot on clear, unsprayed floor. This direct contact with the earth is known as earthing or grounding.

Under is a thermographic picture of the irritation in an individual’s physique earlier than and after earthing.

Discover how the nice and cozy/scorching colours indicating irritation are noticeably muted to cooler colours after a brief interval of earthing happens.

In essence, harnessing the facility of free electrons quickly promotes a extra favorable inside surroundings throughout the physique. Apart from lowered irritation, the advantages embody improved temper and vitality ranges, deeper extra restful sleep, and discount or elimination of ache.

As a private testimonial, I had a mysterious ache in my left foot a couple of months in the past. I didn’t have an damage and there was no recognized situation comparable to plantar fasciitis.

I assumed earthing may assist it although I’m grounded many of the day in my house. So, I began making an effort to stroll barefoot outdoors for at the least 10 minutes per day. Alternatively, I might sit in a chair on the garden with my naked toes touching the bottom whereas studying.

Inside a couple of days, the ache was dramatically much less, and inside a few weeks it utterly disappeared and has not returned (I’m nonetheless earthing).

person with inflammation before and after earthing

The Science of Decreasing Irritation with Free Electrons

The science of how free electrons neutralize irritation in a rush is roofed finest within the documentary The Earthing Film. You can watch it here for free courtesy of the Solari Report. (1)

The fabulous clarification of the science behind free electrons lowering irritation begins at 27:20, however I extremely advocate watching the complete docu from the start.

Many Methods to Harness Free Electrons!

Strolling on the naked earth, aka “earthing”, is probably the best and most accessible option to get a large infusion of free electrons to short-circuit the inflammatory response within the physique.

Nonetheless, there are a variety of different methods to entry free electrons with a adverse cost to pair with and neutralize extra optimistic prices within the physique.

The entire strategies I do know of are listed under. My suggestion is to do as lots of them as you may, as typically as you may!

Strolling barefoot on the bottom is probably the most primary and important option to harness free electrons for lowering irritation.

In case you dwell in an space or local weather the place that is tough, then at the least put money into sneakers which have leather-based soles. This may be certain that you’ll at the least be grounded if you find yourself strolling round outdoors.

Rubber and artificial soled sneakers are very unhealthy for our well being if we by no means take the time for earthing as a important countermeasure.

Swimming in Pure Waters

Swimming in clear, pure waters comparable to rivers, springs, lakes and the ocean is a unbelievable option to floor and take up free electrons into the physique.

When you’re swimming, it’s not simply your toes which can be earthing…it’s your total physique! Thus, swimming in pure waters has the potential for an enhanced free electron profit.

My favourite option to take pleasure in that is to swim within the many pure, chilly springs right here in Florida.

Observe that swimming in chlorinated swimming pools is not going to have the identical impact because the chemical compounds within the pool are counterproductive to the method. That is the case even when the pool is in-ground.

Grounding Inside Your Dwelling

If your private home is one ground and instantly contacts the foundational slab with no crawl house between, then you may truly floor inside your private home.

Solely sure sorts of flooring are acceptable for this objective, nonetheless. Unsealed concrete, stone, unglazed tile, and 100% wool carpets are maybe the very best choices. (2)

Sealed wood flooring are usually not grounded regardless of being a pure materials.

If you don’t dwell on the bottom ground or have a house with a basement or crawl house beneath, you may compensate by utilizing grounding sheets at night time when you sleep.

Observe that the decreased inflammatory impact of grounding is lower than earthing. In different phrases, you gained’t be getting as many free electrons just by grounding as you’ll when your naked toes instantly contact the earth.

Therefore, grounding inside your private home is fantastic, however not an entire substitute for earthing.

Gardening With out Gloves

Gardening with out gloves (or gloves made of leather) is what I name “reverse earthing”.

You might be receiving the free electrons by way of your naked palms as a substitute of the soles of the toes.

In case you completely should backyard with gloves, watch out for “microfiber leather-based” as it’s truly a type of artificial leather-based!

Hugging a Tree

Whereas “tree-hugging” is a little bit of a pejorative time period in fashionable language, in actuality, it affords every of us a straightforward option to take up numerous electrons from many components of our physique directly.

Thus, in case you are unable to swim in pure waters or stroll barefoot on the bottom, contemplate “forest bathing” as a substitute.

Bushes generate a gradual stream of voltage which might even be harnessed for his or her electrical output. (3)

For the components of your physique which can be in touch with the tree, make sure that the clothes is made from 100% pure supplies comparable to cotton, wool, or bamboo. Ideally contact the tree with as a lot naked pores and skin as doable.

Touching and Petting Animals

Ever questioned why petting animals is so therapeutic?

May it’s that we’re receiving many free electrons by way of our palms into our physique, which brief circuits the inflammatory course of?

In case your pet is mendacity on the bottom outdoors while you’re petting them, a lot the higher! This fashion, their physique serves as {an electrical} conduit to yours and is an oblique option to “earth”.

Hugging Different Individuals

Just like tree-hugging and petting animals, merely embracing family members can be a supply of inflammation-reducing free electrons.

Hugging on the seashore while you’re each earthing can be the simplest time to cuddle, however even when not grounded, you may nonetheless share free electrons between yourselves.

This is among the the explanation why therapeutic massage and different hands-on remedy is so helpful.

Specifically, if an individual is ailing, hugging them or just holding their palms can donate your free electrons to their physique to actually assist them get nicely!

I’ve written earlier than about how when my kids had been infants and toddlers, I might maintain them for so long as wanted to offer consolation and take up a few of the warmth with my physique to chill them off. Remarkably, again and again, this is able to serve to interrupt childhood fevers fairly shortly.

It’s my view that my physique donating free electrons to theirs was at the least partly why this was so therapeutic.


In abstract, discovering methods to harness the facility of free electrons in our pure surroundings is crucial to well being.

Common earthing by strolling barefoot on the bottom is probably the best and handiest means to do that. (4)

Nonetheless, there are a variety of different methods to soak up free electrons to negate an extra of optimistic cost within the physique that are so simple as petting animals and hugging family members.

Thus, earlier than spending some huge cash on various therapies or dietary supplements that purport to cut back irritation, attempt a couple of of those free electron harvesting methods above that don’t value a factor and are confirmed scientifically to be enormously efficient.


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