Are INTJs Clever? A Take a look at the Strategist

Do you ever surprise what makes an INTJ stand out of the group? Are you interested by how they stack up towards the opposite 15 character varieties within the Myers-Briggs system? If sure, then this text is for you. On this weblog put up, we are going to discover the aptitudes of INTJs and talk about three well-known INTJs from historical past who’ve left an eternal impression on the world.

Now earlier than we start, I all the time need to preface by saying that ANY character kind will be clever. I frankly get sick of listening to sure varieties boast about their mental prowess, in some way assuming that by advantage of their kind they’re inherently smarter than different character varieties. There are extremely smart people of each character kind. Whereas sure, we will see how, on common, sure character varieties are inclined to get larger grades in class, we can also’t assume that somebody’s grade efficiency is the one measure of their intelligence. For extra data on kind and intelligence, I’d suggest studying my article, Are Sure Character Varieties Smarter Than Others?

You may have excessive educational intelligence, bodily intelligence, emotional intelligence, or plain-old frequent sense no matter your four-letter MBTI® outcome. So don’t use this text as a weapon or as means to realize a superiority complicated.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way in which, let’s start!

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Are INTJs Good? A Nearer Look

The INTJ character kind is usually related to excessive ranges of intelligence. In line with the MBTI® Guide – Third Version, INTJs have a tendency to attain larger than another character kind in grades throughout highschool. Moreover, their IQ scores rank highest among the many 16 character varieties. A comparability of aptitude and achievement of the 16 varieties in liberal arts schools discovered INTJs had the best grades of all of the character varieties and had been among the many prime 4 varieties with the best SAT scores (INTPs, INFPs, and ENTPs had been additionally among the many prime 4).

So, what’s it that makes INTJs excel academically? In line with Gordon Lawrence, Ph.D., writer of Taking a look at Kind® and Studying Types: Utilizing Psychological Kind to Make Studying Personally Efficient, INTJs are “logical, important, decisive innovators of concepts.” Lawrence goes on to state that INTJs are at their finest when “inspiration turns insights into concepts and plans for bettering human data and programs.”

As a result of INTJs are naturally pushed to grasp complicated theories and have a starvation for mastery and data, they have an inclination to take to academia very nicely. This drive to grasp will be seen within the kind’s prime two cognitive capabilities, Introverted Instinct and Extraverted Considering. Introverted instinct (Ni) appears to be like at how issues are linked beneath the floor, whereas extraverted pondering (Te) appears to be like at what’s objectively logical and the best way to put concepts into motion by way of planning, organizing, and utilizing assets.

As dominant Introverted Intuitives, INTJs get pleasure from toying with theories and ideas. They’re extra excited about what lies past the tangible than what already exists. They’re extra excited about trailblazing a brand new path than working among the many established order. If one thing’s already been achieved, they don’t need to do it. They need to stretch themselves into new territory, play with new theories, invent new potentialities.

There’s a starvation for originality, discovery, and independence that makes INTJs stand out. They aren’t afraid to strive one thing nobody has tried earlier than; to query outdated concepts and to check new ones. In truth, they like this and may get bored and uninspired in the event that they’re studying one thing rote or repeating a course of that has already been achieved earlier than. Their pure aptitude for experimentation and exploration, mixed with their sharp logic, makes them significantly well-suited for complicated downside fixing.

What’s the INTJ Studying Model Like?

INTJs be taught finest when they’re given independence and autonomy. They get pleasure from a problem, however they should be at liberty to realize data in their very own method. They get bored rapidly when given mundane, cookie-cutter duties and have to be saved on their toes with stimulating work that’s complicated sufficient to have interaction them. The worst type of studying scenario is one the place they’re compelled to mix with a crowd and repeat a bunch of information with none room for creativity, creativeness, or unbiased achievement. INTJs may also tire rapidly of collaborative studying, preferring to work independently to allow them to focus with out distraction.

Gordon Lawrence states of INTJs, “The very best studying comes when they’re quietly absorbed in pursuing new concepts and potentialities. They thrive on the surge of inspiration that comes with the brand new concept or curiosity. They’re naturally inquisitive about virtually something that engages their creativeness, and so they discover their pursuits in their very own particular person, non-public methods.”

Quiet is particularly vital for INTJs when they’re learning. Introverted Intuitive varieties (INTJs and INFJs) do their finest psychological work when they’re in a distraction-free, quiet zone and so they don’t have any units that may ping or ring or in any other case shift their focus. Many INTJs must enter an virtually meditative state whereas concentrating, and so they can get flustered and bad-tempered if they’re being interrupted. They’ll really feel like they’re establishing an elaborate idea or perception of their thoughts, and, if interrupted, like a home of playing cards, all of it comes crumbling down.

Self-Led Studying

Whereas many different varieties do their finest work in groups or with supervision or collaboration, INTJs crave a whole lot of autonomy. They make wonderful unbiased learners and infrequently desire to show themselves quite than having to attend a busy classroom. Studying is considered one of their favourite methods to be taught, and so they usually get pleasure from being surrounded by books, journals, and different assets that may encourage their instinct. In truth, in line with my 2018 survey, INTJs ranked sixth out of the 16 character varieties in studying probably the most books. Whereas the typical American reads 12 books per 12 months, the typical INTJ reads 31 books per 12 months. Studying boosts intelligence in a number of areas together with language, problem-solving, empathy, vocabulary, and creativeness. I’d think about the INTJ’s pure propensity for studying provides them a bonus enhance in these areas.

Construction and Group

INTJs hate dysfunction and get pissed off in classroom settings the place there isn’t a clear plan, construction, or purpose. They like a systematically organized instruction in addition to milestones, markers, and clear targets. As intuitives, INTJs don’t have to be given a whole lot of particulars or steps when being given a process or venture. They only want the large image or the primary goal, a timeline, some fundamental guidelines, and so they can work out the remaining independently (and infrequently desire to).

How the INTJ Thoughts Works:

INTJs may appear quiet on the skin, however on the within their thoughts is continually flowing with concepts, views, and theories. They’re consistently establishing and reconstructing psychological fashions, making associations, and exploring ideas. Many various meanings or epiphanies come to them when they’re specializing in one thing else or nothing in any respect. It’s as if their thoughts is continually synthesizing puzzle items of knowledge, and the puzzle randomly comes collectively for a flash of perception or an “aha” second the place the INTJ instantly will get a plan, technique, or imaginative and prescient out of nowhere that they really feel compelled to pursue. In case you had been to ask the INTJ how they got here to their epiphany they might not even know the best way to clarify it; they simply had the imaginative and prescient, or epiphany, and knew immediately it will work.

As dominant intuitives, INTJs place a excessive worth on perception. They’re well-respected for his or her fast means to understand new concepts and make sense of complexity. Their intuitive pondering additionally permits them to simply course of data from a distance, to see the large image, and to attach seemingly unrelated dots in methods which might be each artistic and logical. They only have to be cautious to not overlook to many particulars of their tendency to focus totally on the large image.

As TJ varieties, INTJs additionally naturally spot errors, flaws, or logical loopholes. They’re fast to level out what’s mistaken or may very well be improved and infrequently have a tough time masking their tendency to be important. This could make them come throughout as blunt, opinionated, and even boastful in the event that they’re not cautious. However at their finest, INTJs use this important pondering means to assist others or obtain nice issues for the world. INTJs have a knack for formulating plans, recognizing errors in a plan, mapping out logistics, methods, and extra. Their abilities in strategizing and problem-solving make them invaluable to any group or group and may have an amazing impression on the world round them.

Clever INTJs in HIstory:

INTJ Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton

“I have no idea what I could seem to the world, however to myself I appear to have been solely like a boy enjoying on the seashore, and diverting myself in from time to time discovering a smoother pebble or a prettier shell than atypical, while the nice ocean of reality lay all undiscovered earlier than me.” – Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton was a mathematician, physicist, and thinker who’s well known as some of the influential scientists in historical past. He’s the daddy of classical mechanics and naturally, found the regulation of common gravitation, amongst different issues. His contributions to science laid the inspiration for contemporary physics and proceed to form our understanding of the universe.

INTJ Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla

“The current is theirs; the longer term, for which I actually labored, is mine.” – Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla was an inventor, electrical engineer, and mechanical engineer who made vital contributions to modern-day electrical energy. Tesla constructed the primary AC energy system that was extensively used to energy cities, and he was instrumental within the growth of radio communication. His contributions to fashionable expertise have revolutionized the world we stay in and have earned him a spot in historical past as some of the vital inventors of all time.

INTJ Ayn Rand

Ayn Rand

“I began my life with a single absolute: that the world was mine to form within the picture of my highest values and by no means to be given as much as a lesser normal, regardless of how lengthy or onerous the wrestle.” – Ayn Rand

Ayn Rand was a Russian-American novelist, thinker, and playwright who’s finest identified for her novels The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged. Her writing focuses on the facility of individualism and rational self-interest in attaining success. Rand’s views have had a permanent affect in well-liked tradition, enterprise, and politics over the past 80 years.


In conclusion, INTJs are sometimes thought to be extremely smart people, with a pure propensity for logical pondering, problem-solving, and demanding evaluation. Their means to see hidden meanings together with their insightful strategy and love for trailblazing new paths is what units them aside. The revolutionary INTJs all through historical past serve to display the distinctive intelligence and potential of this character kind. In case you as an INTJ can harness your pure strengths, there’s no telling what you may obtain. Simply keep in mind to remain conscious and use your talents for the larger good.

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