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Learn how to make your personal protected, unhazardous laundry powder that’s roughly half the price of shopping for good high quality, inexperienced industrial manufacturers.

When you do lots of laundry in your house, it’d make sense to research making your personal laundry powder and selfmade cloth softener.

The fee to make one batch, which washes 40 masses, is about $3. This interprets to eight cents per load.

Against this, an excellent high quality, (actually) unhazardous laundry powder (such as this brand) prices 16-21 cents per load relying on the retailer and the dimensions you purchase.

Thus, shopping for your personal inexperienced laundry powder can save roughly half the price of shopping for it!

Beware that many manufacturers of so-called “protected” laundry powder are questionable at greatest if you truly have a look at the components 🤯

Learn labels fastidiously and take care to not be fooled by buzzwords!

With regards to making your personal inexperienced, unscented, hypoallergenic laundry powder, only some easy components are required.

Some might query my suggestion to briefly microwave the cleaning soap bar listed within the components to melt it up earlier than grinding into cleaning soap flakes in a meals processor.

Whereas it’s best to by no means use a microwave for cooking meals or heating water, it does sometimes turn out to be useful for tasks equivalent to making your personal laundry cleaning soap.

When you favor to hand-grind the unscented Castile cleaning soap bar, that undoubtedly works as a substitute.

Nonetheless, it takes lots of elbow grease and the outcomes usually are not nearly as good for my part.

Fact be instructed, if I needed to hand grind the cleaning soap bar to make each batch of DIY laundry powder, I in all probability wouldn’t do it as it’s fairly tedious!

homemade green laundry powder in container with wooden scoop

Do-it-yourself Laundry Powder


  1. Microwave the bar of Castile cleaning soap for 30 seconds. Flip the bar over and microwave for an extra 30 seconds. Repeat for an extra 30 seconds on all sides.

  2. Take away the softened bar from the microwave and coarsely minimize it up into items whereas it’s nonetheless scorching.

  3. Cool the minimize cleaning soap items for 5-10 minutes.

  4. Finely grate the still-warm, coarsely chopped cleaning soap items into cleaning soap flakes in a meals processor.

  5. Combine the borax, washing soda, and cleaning soap flakes in a half-gallon container. Shut the lid tightly and switch a number of occasions to make sure it’s blended completely.

  6. Use 2 tablespoons of this DIY laundry powder per medium load.

DIY laundry powder in half gallon container on granite table